Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogging for the sake of blogging

Totally random things that I'm going to post but I feel as though I should get into the habit of blogging.  So...I'm just blogging to blog hoping that it will instill in me the desire to do more.  However, I'm quite confident it will chase away any rare individual who accidentally comes across my blog.  I pity you.

I'm running bath water in an attempt to relax.  Or, as my husband would say, I'm getting ready to soak in my own filth.  I plan on taking a book and reading for pleasure for a change.  I enjoy reading except when they ask me to read for a class, then it becomes a chore.  Speaking of which, I got my grades back today for the last session.  I was .34 and 1.03 away from getting an A in both classes.  I will repeatedly bang my head into the desk over this later.  But for now, my head hurts enough that I don't really need to. 

I just boiled my tea over.  Again.  I make tea for the next day every single night.  Do I ever remember that it's on the stove?  No.  I've literally boiled it dry and set off the fire alarm before.  At what point do you wake up and realize you're completely thoughtless and lack the ability to recall even the most recent of events?  I blame it on the menopause.  Chris blames it on stress.  Mom blames it on having so much on my mind all the time.  Regardless, it happens and it's really annoying.  If I break one more egg, dump the egg into the trash and put the shell in the bowl again....I might just scream.  That's it.  I probably have Alzheimer's. 

Speaking of Alzheimer's....I finished the hospice training months ago.  Have I been contacted for volunteer opportunities?  Only once.  This is ridiculous!!!  Free help!  All I want is more experience and the chance to sit with hospice patients.  That's not difficult or too much to ask.  I want this and I really need to have it for grad school....which is approaching faster and faster all the time and I'm starting to panic over.  What if they don't pick me?  Then what?  Aaaah!

Know what just dawned on me?  I turned on the hot water, plugged the tub, then walked away.  Crispy skin, here I come!!!! 

Maybe next time I'll write with a clear purpose...but since no one but Liz reads this, anyway, I imagine it doesn't matter.  She already knows I'm nuts.  Love ya', Lizzard!

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  1. Of course I know you're nuts. That's one of the reasons I love you so much! I figure you're the pistachio to my pecans.